Determination of water content using oven drying method

Apparatus required :-

i) Thermostatically controlled oven maintained at a temperature of 110 ± 5oC

ii) Weighing balance, with an accuracy of 0.04% of the weight of the soil taken

iii) Air-tight container made of non-corrodible material with lid

iv) Tongs

Procedure to determine Water Content In Soil By Oven Drying Method

i) Clean the container, dry it and weigh it with the lid (Weight ‘W1‘).

ii) Take the required quantity of the wet soil specimen in the container and weigh it with the lid (Weight ‘W2‘).

iii) Place the container, with its lid removed, in the oven till its weight becomes constant (Normally for 24hrs.).

iv) When the soil has dried, remove the container from the oven, using tongs.

v) Find the weight ‘W3‘ of the container with the lid and the dry soil sample.

Let us consider,

Weight of container with wet soil = W 1

Weight of container with dry soil  = W 2

Weight of Empty container = Wc

Weight of soil only = W1 – Wc

Weight of  dry soil only = W2 – Wc

Weight of water = W1 -W2

From definition,

WATER CONTENT = (Ww / Ws)  100%

= [(W1 – W2) / (W2 – Wc)] * 100%

MC= Water content

Image result for calculation for oven dry method

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