Field application of geo-technical engineering

Geo-Technical engineering is importance in the following field :


                                    Most of the structure like buildings , pavements , dams , bridges , etc are founded on the earth. The soil act as a foundation bed for structure by taking the load from foundation and distributing in lager area. Hence it is necessary to determine the properties of soil like bearing capacity , settlement under load , etc.

The design of foundation depends upon the soil strata , ground water table and magnitude of load.


Pavement is also the structure that is founded on the earth. Durability , stability , rate of settlement , etc depends upon the nature of soil. For the soil having good properties pavement thickness is less and vice versa. Hence, the thickness of pavement is dependent upon the soil’s nature.


            A knowledge of earth pressure is essential for the design of earth retaining structure. It depends upon the unit weight of soil(r) , height of retaining structure (h) and angle of internal friction.


                   In sloppy soil mass, soil at higher elevation tends to move towards the lower elevation which cause shear failure. Force causing shear failure are imposed load , seismic force , seepage force, etc. Hence it is important to know the shear strength parameters.

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