Determination of Dry Density and Bulk Density using core cutter method

fig: core cutter


– In this method, a cylindrical cutter called core cutter with dolly of known dimension is used.

– A dolly is placed over the cutter and embeded to the ground to it’s full depth and is taken out carefully without disturbing the sample .

– The surplus amount of soil is trimmed out using knife or spatula.

– Water content by soil is determined using oven drying method.

– Volume of cylinderical cutter is determined from it’s known dimension.

Let us consider,

Wt. of cutter = W1

Wt. of soil sample + cutter = W2

Wt. of soil only = W2 – W1

Wt. of dry soil with cutter = W3

Water content in soil(w) = W2 – W3

weight of dry soil (W4) = W3-W1

Volume of cylindrical cutter = V


Bulk density of soil (rt) = W4/V

Dry density( rd) = rt / (1+w)

w= water content of soil determined by oven drying method.

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