Maintenance of Road


               Maintenance is the process of preserving and keeping the structure as normal as possible.

Road Maintenance:

Road maintenance is the process of preserving and keeping the road structure as normal as possible and practicable. 

Road maintenance brings immediate and sometimes dramatic benefits through improved safety, comfort and low vehicle operation.

Neglecting maintenance may lead to the complete failure of a structure or may require re-construction which costs three or more times the cost of maintenance.

Hence, to protect and preserve road and road furniture road maintenance is important.

Different types of road maintenance

1. Routine Maintenance

Small scale maintenance work conducted regularly is called routine maintenance.

It includes:

1. Sweeping of road

2.Cutting of the grasses

3. Minor reshaping of the ditches.

4. Cleaning the ad furniture

2. Recurrent Maintenance

                   Maintenance operation of the localized nature of a limited extent carried out at an interval several months or year is called recurrent maintenance.

It includes:

1. Edges repair

2. Local Re-construction.

3. Pothole Patching.

3.Periodic Maintenance

  Maintenance operation of a large extent conducted at the interval of several years is called periodic maintenance.

It includes:

1. Re-surfacing of road

2.Repairing of the railing of bridge and culverts

3. Repairing of Earth Retaining Wall

4. Repairing of Parapet wall

4.Emergency Maintenance

Maintenance operation conducted after 10 years of construction or in an emergency condition is called emergency maintenance.

It is carried out at following urgent conditions:

1. Road Washout

2. Collapse of culvert

3. Road blocked by the landslide

4. Settlement of road in high extent.

    In this way maintenance work is carried out in four steps.

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