Necessities of Maintenance , Repair and Types of Repair

Necessity of Maintenance

Similar to our body needs maintenance to keep it fit and fine; Maintenance of structures is very important to make it stable, durable and also to increase the life of it.
Some of the necessities of maintenance are:
1. To preserve and keep the structure as normal as possible and practicable.
2. For the long life of Structure.
3. It is economical than reconstruction.
4. To bring back the architectural shape.


Any activities that are required for running the plant or project or structure is called Operation.


The main purpose of maintenance is to bring back the architectural shape of structure so that all the services start working and functioning of the building are resumed quickly. Repair is not presented to improve the structural strain of the building or structure and can be very effective for the next earthquake.

Repair work includes:
1. Patching up defects such as cracks and fall of plaster.
2. Repairing doors, windows, and replacement of glass panels.
3. Checking and repairing electrical wiring.
4. Checking and repairing gas pipes, water pipes and plumbing services.
5. Re-plastering of walls as required.
6. Re-decoration, whitewashing, painting, etc.

The architectural repair as stated above doesn’t restore the original structural strain of cracked walls and columns.

Types of Repair

1. Emergency Repair

fig: Emergency Roof Repair

Storms, Floods, and other natural disasters are sudden and unexpected. This is a reason for the need for emergency repair soon after such disasters.
If emergency repairs to some structures such as residential buildings are not carried out immediately cause danger to the health and safety of people or risk of property in or nearby it.

2. Annual Repair

It is carried out to maintain the aesthetic beauty and services of building or structure to preserve their lives. It includes:
a. Cleaning of sewer lines and tanks.
b. Whitewashing, distempering and painting.

fig: Sewer Cleaning

3. Special Repair

Special repair of the structure is undertaken to replace the existing parts of building and services which are about to damage with the age of the building.
It is important to prevent the structure from deterioration and to restore back to its original condition to the extent possible.

 fig: Replacement of damaged door

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