Paint; It’s characteristics and Types; Constituents of Paint

Paint is a thin layer of coating provided over the surface of woods, concretes and metals to protect the structure or component from dampness, fungal attack, chemical attack etc.

Some of the Characteristics of Paint are :

  1. It should be smooth
  2. It should be durable.
  3. Workability and elasticity should be high.
  4. Also should have high coverage.

Types of Paints

1.Aluminium Paint

It is used in painting of Oil Storage Tanks, Hot water pipes,etc.

2. Fire Proof Paint

It is used in metal roofs.

3. Cellulose Paint

It is used in painting of cars, airplanes , etc.

4. Emulsion Paint

It is used for painting Concrete.

5. Enamel Paint

Used in the painting of woods and steels.

6. Plastic Paint

It is used in Showroom, Auditorium, etc.

7. Oil Paint

8. Bronze Paint , etc

Constituents Of Paints

1. Base 

It is considered as the body of the paint. It makes paint hard and weather resistive.

eg: Red lead,white lead.

2. Vehicle 

It acts as the binder between base and pigment of the paint. It also make paint chemical resistive .

eg:  Nut oil , linseed oil , etc.

3. Pigment

It provides color to the paint. Paint should not contain more than 10% .

eg: Blue ( Indigo ) , Red (Read Lead ),Green (Copper Sulphate ) , etc

4. Drier

It is used to quicken the drying of the vehicle in the paint and consequences a hard film. It should not be more than 8% of the paint.

Eg: Lead Acetate

5. Solvent or Thinner

It is used in the paint to reduce the consistency to desired limit .

Eg: Turpentine, Petroleum , Spirit, etc

6. Inert Filler 

It is used in the paint to reduce the cost, increase the weight as well as durability.

Eg: CaCO3 , SiO2 , Charcol, etc

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