Types of Load on structure

Loads maybe because of nature or may be self load. There are lots of external loading agents like wind, earthquake, etc. Hence Loads are categorized on 2 types. They are.

1. Based on Design Purpose

Loads are generally the external force that are applied to the structures. Structures are designed to resist these external loads.

a. Dead load

Dead load are the self weight of the structures i.e. self weight of slab, beam, columns, finishes. such loads do not change their position,

b. Live load

It is the load which is imported in the structures which it fulfills its design purpose. e.g ; load of student, man, movable chairs, books …etc.

c. Dynamic load

Load imposed due to ground motion, vibration, moving load in bridges,etc

D.Wind load

Load due to high speed moving air on the structures .

Intensity of wind = p = K V²

V=Design wind speed


e. Erection load

These are just like live load. Erection load are load due to strong of construction material like aggregate, cranes, sand ….etc.

f. Temperature effect

Load due do variation of temperature

g. Seismic load

Earthquakes are caused due to ground motion because of various reasons like plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, etc. They must be considered in the designing of structure.

2. According to loading problem

a. Point load / Concentrated load.

Load that is applied in negligible area compared to the contact plane area of member e.g load due to secondary beam on main beam.

Unit: KN

b. Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL)

They are distributed uniformly along the length of loaded member

E.g.=loads of slab on beam,wall on beam…etc


c. Uniformly Varying Load (UVL)

They are not distributed uniformly instead may be linear, parabolic and cubic manner.

E.g=The load of water on the tank surface is uniformly varying.

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