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Tip #

SNNature of workType of mortar
1.Exposed and water logged areasCement or lime mortar of 1:3
2.Damp proof courses and cement concrete roadsCement mortar of 1:2
3.For RCC works like staris, slab, pillar, lintels,etc.Cement mortar of 1:3, the concrete mix of 1:2:4
4.For internal and less important work.Lime cinder mortar of 1:3, cinder or ashes is used in place of sand.
5.For Fire Bricks1:2 ratio of aluminous and crushed fine powder of fire bricks
6.For Parapet & Partition wallCement mortar of 1:3 or Lime mortar of 1:1
7.Plastering workCement mortar of 1:3 to 1:4 or lime mortar of 1:2
8.Pointing workCement mortar of 1:1 to 1:2
9.Reinforced brickworkCement mortar of 1:3
10.Stone masonry with best quality stonesLime mortar of 1:2, eminently hydraulic lime.
11.Stone masonry with simple or ordinary stones, bricks,etcLime mortar of 1:2 or cement mortar of 1:6, eminently hydraulic lime.
12.For brickwork with thin jointsLime mortar of 1:3, fat lime is used.

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