Highest paying countries for Civil Engineers 2019

As we all know that developement of any country without civil engineers is not possible because they are the creator.

When a doctor makes a mistake , single person may die but when an engineer makes a mistake , it can take 100and 1000 of lives.

Inspite of great knowledge and hard labour, Civil Engineers are not paid well. Among 204 countries, 10 countries that pays highest for civil engineers are:

1. switzerland

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Average Annual Salary : $ 77,438

It is not only highest paying country for civil engineers, it is also the happiest country in the world.

2. Denmark

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Average Annual Salary : $ 71,565

This country is well known for peace and it is one of the corruption free country in the world.

3. Norway

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Average Annual Salary : $ 67,154

Norway is a country where sun rises when sun sets. It is well known for it’s beauty.

4. United States

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Average Annual Salary : $ 62,019

Yes , most powerful country with number one GDP in the world lies in fourth number.

5. Australia

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Average Annual Salary : $ 54,155

The larger exporter of wool in the whole world lies on 5th number.

6. Canada

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Average Annual Salary : $ 47,262

The country with coolest prime minister in the world is in 6th number.

7. Germany

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Annual Average Salary : $ 44,803

The country form where mercedes borned is in 7th rank.

8. France

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Average Annual Salary : $ 42,211

France is in 8th rank for paying civil engineers.

9.United Kingdom

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Average Annual Salary : $ 40,692

Country of Queen Elizabed is in 9th rank.

10. Netherlands

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Average Annual Salary : $ 40,612

Netherlands is in 10th rank.

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