Sewage Maintenance

There are several maintenance program to ensure that the sanitary sewer system continues to operate effectively and efficiently.

a. Grid Program:

All the sanitary sewers are flushed with a very powerful water jet nozzle at least once every three or four years.

b. Trouble spots :

The spots of the sewage system system that have proven to be susceptible to accumulation of debris. These location are visited on a three or six month cycle to be flushed.

c.Grease Spots:

Grease Spots are parts of the system which can restrict the capacity of swear. They are maintained on a three or six months cycle. A grease emulsifier is applied to flush the lines.

d. Roof Control:

Some sewer mains are susceptible to invasions of roofs from vegetation which can diminish the structural integrity and inhibit the flow capacity of pipe. Pipes are routed annually with a mechanical saw flushed and applied with a herbicidal from treatment.

e. TV inspection

Take two TV inspection trucks containing remote control carriage mounted and also contains video camera that can be inserted into a swear man hole and dispatched up a sanitary swear. TV inspecting trucks generate video recordings which is used to locate cracks, dislodged pipe, units, flow conditions and any other sewer characteristics

f. Refiling:

The swear main relining program is an annual capital improvement program (CIP) performed by outside contractors and managed by WSS. The CIP funds the relining program to replace approximately 1.5% sewer system annually or about sever miles of pipes.

g. Manhole Rehabilitation:

The common methods for manhole rehabilitation are replacing the frame and cover spraying cementious mortar to the inside of manhole or spraying an epoxy linear to the inside of manhole.

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