Factors affecting water demand

As we know that , water supply in a city is very high than in a village . Demand of water depends upon many factors.There are several factors which affect the rate of water supply, they are as follows:

1.Size of town or city:

water demand is more with increasing in size of town or city because more water is required in street , maintenance of parts and gardens and for flushing sewage.

2.Living Standard:

The consumption of rate of water directly depends upon the economic status of the consumer rich and upper class use more water than poor people i.e. lower class.

3.Climatic Condition:

Requirement of water is more at places having hot and dry climate then at places having cold and humid climatic.

4.Industrial and commercial activities:

Presence of industry and commercial establishments increase the rate of demand of water.

5.Quality of water:

If the quality of water supply is good, demand will be more.

6.System of water supply:

Water may be supply intermittently that is for limited during certain fixed hours of the day or continuously for all the 24 hours of the day. Rate of demand is less in intermittently system of supply.

7.Metering :

Rate of demand is more in on metered system then in meter system.

8.System of sanitation:

The presence of sewerage system increase the rate of demand of water. The resident-ion of the town or city will also required more water for sanitary units :Such as urinus, water, closets etc.

9.Cost of water:

The cost of water directly affect the demand. If the cost of water is more people use less quantity of water and vice-versa (opposite).

10.Age of community:

Water demand is high in newly constructed cities. Water is required for construction of infrastructures, plantation.

11.Pressure in pipe line:

The consumption water is increased with the increased in distribution pressure.

12.Population forecasting:

When the design period is fixed next step is determines the population of an town or city depend upon the factor like birth, death & migration.

Do you know:

Burj khalifa’s daily water requirement : 946,000 liters

Country with highest water sources : Brazil lies on 1st and Nepal on second.

About 3.4 Millions peoples die due to water related diseases:(According To WHO)

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