Well & It’s Types

Wells are the under ground sources of water. It abstracts (take out) water from ground aquifer (confined aquifer and unconfined aquifer) wells are generally vertical made below the ground surface.

Wells are generally divided into four types

  1. Shallow wells
  2. Deep Wells
  3. Tube Wells
  4. Artesian Wells
  1. Shallow Wells

This is termed as shallow walls because its abstract the water from shallow depth (i.e. unconfined aquifer). The diameter may vary from one to ten meter. The water yield (discharge) for supping water in rural area or only a portion of town.

2. Deep Wells:

This is termed as deep wells because its abstract the water from more depth. Its abstract the water from confined aquifer. It also has diameter ranges from 1 to 10m. The yield capacity of water is high.

3.Tube Well:

Tube are different from open well. A tube is dug by machine into the ground. A pipe having small hole or strainer is kept where there is previous layer. ordinary pipe having no hole called blind pipe which kept into the imperious layer. Tube well have diameter less than that of shallow well. Tube well water may contain most amount of dissolved mines like iron, magnesium etc.

4.Artesian Well:

These are the one in which water comes out of the well under pressure, No energy is required. It is the types of deep well. In some artesian well water comes continuously through out the air and can be stored in tanks for water supply purposes. Mostly these are found in valley portion of hill where confined stratum aquifers of on both sides are inclined towards the valley.

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