Sometimes groundwater reappears at the ground surface in the form of springs. If the water from the aquifer comes out to the earth automatically then it is known as spring. Quality of spring water is less therefore, it cannot be used as a source for big cities and towns but spring can be used for small towns or villages in hilly regions. In the hilly area of Nepal, springs are measure sources for rural people. Some springs discharge hot water due to the presents of sulphur and useful only for the treatment of certain skin disease patients.

Spring classificated as:

Gravity Spring:

Gravity Spring

This is found when the underground water table gets exposed on the slopes of hill etc. These springs are found due to hydrostatic pressure.

Artesian Spring:

Artesian Spring

These are formed under certain geological conditions. The inclined or basin shaped of water-bearing stratum is exposed to the surface on the higher side. The rainwater enters into the basin. If a hole is bored, water comes upward, sometimes above the surface in the form of fountains known as artesian spring.

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