Pot Hole Patching

Generally we neglect the ruts and road maintenance which leads to complete failure of road section which needs re-construction and costs 3 or more times of maintenance cost.
Maintenance of road brings immediate and dramatic benefit through improved road safety,comfort and low vehicle operation cost . Hence, pot hole plays vital role and can be considered as maintenance work. It is generally taken as RECURRENT MAINTENANCE OF ROAD.

Pot Hole Repair / Pot Hole Patching

Patch repair is carried out to remove the holes formed in road , non-uniformity and waviness of the road structure to make road uniform and also to stop the conversion of small ruts(holes at initial condition) into bigger holes and dig . This problem generally occurs in Flexible pavement (Bitumen road ). This problem is solved in following ways :

1. Clean the area along the hole with broom.

2. Trim it vertically to a regular geometrical shape like square or rectangle.

3. Level the bottom of hole and remove loose aggregate and foreign materials.

4. Apply tack coat on bottom and sides of holes .

5. Now, apply patching layer and compact it properly by taping or roller.

6. If the depth of hole is grater than 7.5cm, Patching layer should be provided in 2 or more layers where each layer should be tamped or rolled properly.


 fig: Tamping

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