Various terms used in estimating


          The term contingency indicates expenses, miscellaneous characters which cannot be classified under any distinct items sub-head. Pertaining to the whole work in the estimate a certain amount in the form of the contingency of  (3 to 5%) of the estimated cost is provided.

 2.Work charge establishment (WCE)

         It is the establishment that is charged to work directly during the construction of a building or a project, a certain number of the supervisor, chaukidar (watchman), etc are needed to be employed and their salaries are paid from the amount of WCE  which is provided in the estimate. For this (1.5 to 2%) of the estimated cost is kept.

3. Area of building

i. Plinth area

         The covered area of a building measured at floor level of any storey is called plinth area. For example; Balcony shouldn’t be incorporated.

ii. Floor area

        The total area of floor in between walls i,e area of floor at all rooms, ventilation, corridor, passages, bathroom, kitchens, latrines, etc.are included in the floor area. Areas occupied by walls, pillars and other supports are not included in the floor area.

iii. Circulation area

Circulation area is the floor area of verandahs, corridors, passages, entrance halls, staircase, rooms and balcony areas etc.

iv. Carpet area

The livable area of building at any floor level is called carpet area. It is the total floor area minus the circulation area and minus other unusable areas.

v. Departmental charge

When the engineering department takes up the work of other departments, local bodies etc. A percentage of 10 to 15 % of the estimated cost is charged to meet the expenses of establishing, designing, supervision etc and this percentage charge is known as a departmental charge.

vi. Competent authority

An officer or any authority in the department to whom relevant powers are deligated by the government.

vii. Administrative approval

For any project required by a department, at approval and sanction of the competent authority with respect to the cost and work is necessary at first instinct.

Thus, administrative approval denotes the formal acceptance by the administrative department considered the proposal for incurring expenditure.

viii. Technical sanction

It means the sanction and orders by the competent authority of the engineering department for the detailed estimate, design, calculation, quantities of work, rates and cost of work. After the technical sanction of the estimate is received, the work then was taken up for the construction.

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