Engineering Drawing and It’s Types


The pictorial representation of any objects, structures, etc with or without measurement; freehand or by computer is simply called drawing. 

The drawing can be classified into the following 2 main groups.

1.  Artistic drawing(freehand or model drawing):

     The artistic drawing shows the shape of a picture by giving various shades and colors. Dimension and other details are not given in it. Artistic drawing is commonly used for commercial purposes.

The art of representation of engineering objects such as paintings, advertisement board, cinema slide, etc by artist by his own imagination is known as artistic drawings.

2.  Engineering drawing:

      The art of representation of engineering objects such as buildings, roads, machines, etc on a paper is called engineering drawing.

      Engineering drawing is always prepared by the use of drawings instruments with a suitable scale giving all the information necessary for the construction of an object.

     Engineering drawings include:

     * Civil engineering drawings

     * Mechanical engineering drawings

     * Electrical and electronic drawings etc.

1.1.1  Architectural  drawings:

         An architectural drawing or architects drawing is a technical drawing of buildings that falls within the definition of architecture. Architectural drawings are used by architects and others for the number of purposes to develop a design idea to communicate  ideas and concept,to convince clients about the merits of a design,to enable a building  contractor to construct it,as a record of the completed work and to make a record of the building that already exists. Architectural drawings are made according to the set of the convention which includes particular views(floor plan, elevation, section, etc). Drawings were made with ink on paper or similar, and any copies required had to be laboriously made by hand.


  1.1.2  Structural drawings:

      Structural drawings are part of the languages used by structural engineers to communicate with contractors, fabricators and regulatory bodies. These drawings give the details of objects such as beams and columns, which are designed by structural engineers.        

  Structural drawings are essential in the construction of buildings, tunnels, ships, bridges retaining walls, infrastructure projects, automobiles, and any other objects to significant forces.         

Beams, framing, steel connections, columns, trusses, roof framing, etc. are described in structural drawing.

1.1.3 Detail drawings:

The drawings which contain all the necessary information about the drawing for drawing sheet no, drawing scale, dimensions, drawing text, openings surface finish, title block, etc.   





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