Maintenance Of Buildings

Maintenance is the process of providing the strength to the building as the previous form when it was built at first to increase its bearing capacity, good appearance back.  

Building maintenance mainly includes the works undertaken for maintaining the building in proper condition, it helps to provide efficiency back at initial. Maintenace are done in the building, bridge, culvert, roads, etc

Types of Building Repair and Maintenance:

The types of building repair and maintenance works are as follows:

1. Day to Day Repairs:

Day to day repairs contains the small maintenance which is done from time to time in the services of the buildings such as plumbing works, water supply, etc.

Examples for day to day repairs are removing choking of drainage pipes, cleaning, restoration of water supply, watering of plants, lawn mowing, sweeping of leaf falls, etc.

2. Annual Repair:

This maintenance is done to maintain the appearance of buildings and services as well as to increase the life of a building. It includes works like whitewashing, painting, cleaning of lines, tanks, etc.  that are taken out periodically. These works are planned yearly.

3. Special Repair:

Special repairs of building are undertaken to replace the existing parts of buildings and services which get become progressively worse, on the aging of buildings. It is necessary to save the structure & from deterioration and regain it back to its original conditions to the extent possible.

4. Additions and Alteration:

The works of additions and alterations are taken out in buildings to provide the special requirements of occupants for high working efficiency. The facilities in buildings are updated by taking out such type of works.

5. Preventive Maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is taken out to neglected breakdown of machinery part and the occurrence of maintenance problems in buildings. Works of preventive maintenance are taken out on the basis of daily inspection survey.

Preventive maintenance includes works to save from deterioration of building parts, from pollution, fungi, insect attack, subsidence, flooding, the intensity of usage, seepage, etc.

The objectives of building maintenance works are:

(i) To prevent machinery, building, and services, in operating condition.

(ii) To restore it back to its initial standards.

(iii) To improve the facilities in the building.

All the buildings start to deteriorate from the time, they are finished. The rate of becoming progressively worse depends on a number of factors. All the factors cannot be controlled by the user of the building.

(iv) Effective supervision to whole construction and rectification of defects 

       existing to final certification.

(v) Provision of satisfactory space for landscaping with well design.

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