The roof is defined as the topmost structure establishing the upper protecting of a building.

It helps to stop the rainwater coming inside the building and it also protects from direct sunlight radiation.

 Roof Types and Types of Roof:

 1.Flat Roofs: 

Flat roofs are widely easy to manufacture compared to other more modulated types of roofs. Flat roofs are used for their intelligibility and accessibility. A flat roof can resist all types of weight if you decide to walk on it. The only downside to this style of roof is that dirt, dust, leaves and other debris can collect on its surface more easily than other roof varieties.

2. Domed Roofs:

The Domed roof is polygonal having an inverted bowl shape. Domed roofs are beautiful in design but also very durable for the long term. The construction of domed roofs are various on the complexity of a project and can sum more curb plead to a home. They are generally added to cupolas and gazebos. 

3.Curved Roofs:

Curved roofs are similar to skillion roofs, only one difference between them is that planes are curved. The curve can be planned slight or with greater of an arch shape. Curved roofs construct a unique curb plead. A lower slope is great for high wind areas and a higher slope is more for allowing water run-off.

4. Skillion Roofs:

A Skillion roof is manufactured with a single slope. It is not so good because of as a hybrid between a triangular roof and a flat roof. In many cases, skillion roofs are utilized in a single section of a house. Rainwater tries to flow easily off of skillion roofs. 

5. Cross Gabled Roofs:

This types of the roof are similar to a triangle when watched from the home front yard. Though there are various varieties of gabled roofs, they are very beautiful and functional on homes that provide extra features, extra wings. This way, each section of the house can have its own cross-gabled roof for the ultimate aesthetic plead. 

6.Pyramid Roofs:

A pyramid roof is not commonly used roofs. It’s shaped in the cast of a pyramid. Pyramid roofs are generally fixed on small portions of a building. They are mostly fixed on garages, pool houses, and other small structures.

7.Mansard Roofs:

Mansard roofs are manufactured with four slopes. Each side of the building containing two slopes. The lowest slope is slopier than the upper one. In some cases, the upper slope cannot be visible from ground level. The roof’s unique French aesthetic allows extra living space at the top portion of the house.

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