Classification of bricks

Brick may be defined as a structural unit having rectangular in shape that is made from suitable types of clay by a different process involving molding, dry and burning. Classification of bricks is done into 2 categories.

 Classification Of Bricks:

1)  Sun-dried Bricks (Kachha Bricks)

2) Burnt Bricks (Pakkah Bricks) 

 1)  Sun-dried Bricks (Kachha Bricks):

These bricks are dried with the help of received sun after the process of molding. These bricks can only be used in temporary and cheap Construction. These bricks should not be used at the places where there is a chance of heavy rain.

2) Burnt Bricks (Pakkah Bricks) :

These bricks are burnt in the clamps after molding and drying. These bricks are hard and durable. Generally used in Construction work.

                   These bricks are further classified into four types:

1) First-class brick

2) Second class brick

3) Third class brick

1) First-class brick:



I) These are sound, well-burnt bricks having a uniform color.

2) All the faces are uniform and smooth.

3) These bricks are free from cracks.

4) Scratch with fingernails leaves no mark.

5) It gives metallic ringing sound when struck together with each other.

6) It should not be broken while falling from the height of 2m on a hard surface.

# Uses of its:

These bricks are used for wall and flooring.

2.Second class bricks:

1) It is well burnt but irregular in shape and size.

2)The surface is rough.

3) Edges are neither straight nor defined.

4) Color is non-uniform.   

5) It also produces metallic ringing sound when struck together with each other.

# Uses of its:

These brick are used in all important situation for the internal wall.

3.Third class bricks:

1) It has a white-yellowish.

2) It is not well burnt.

3) Dull sound is emitted when struck together with each other.

4) Edges are irregular and the surface is rough.

5) It is soft in nature  

 # Uses of its:

These bricks are used in the boundary and interior buildings.

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