RCC Beam


The beam is defined as the structure which resists loads applied laterally towards the beam axis. There are mainly 4 types of the beam. The beam mainly constructed of the steel beam in urban areas usually. The beam is less costly and easily available. RCC Beam is the mostly used beam in the construction.

 RCC Beam:  

The beam can be defined as a structural member which take all vertical loads and withstand it from bending. There are different types of materials utilized for beam such as steel, wood, aluminum, etc. But the most used material is reinforced cement concrete (RCC).

 Types of RCC beam:

1. Simply supported beam

2.Cantilever beam

3.Continuously Supported beam

4. Fixed beam

5. Overhanging beam

6. Steel beam 

7. Timber beam

8. Straight beam

9. Composite beam

1. Simply supported beam:


It is the simplest structural element that has both ends rest on supports but is free to rotate. It contains pinned support at one end and roller support at the other end. On the basis of the assigned load, it sustains shearing and bending.

2.Cantilever beam:

cantilever beam

If a beam is fixed at one end and kept to be free at another end then, it is defined as a cantilever beam. The beam transmits the load back to the support where it is forced against a moment and shear stress. Cantilever beams permit the creation of a bay window, balconies, and bridges.

3.Continuously Supported beam:

A continuous beam has more than two supports transmitted along its whole length.

 4.Fixed beam:

fixed beam

It is supported at both ends and fixed to withstand rotation. It is also known as a built-in beam. The fixed ends introduce fixing moments other than the reactions.

 5.Overhanging beam:

overhanging beam

An overhanging beam is a type of a beam, which is freely supported at two points and having one or both ends expanding beyond these supports. Commonly in the overhanging beam one support is hinged support while is roller support having one end as free like as cantilever.

6. Steel beam :

This type of beam is manufactured from steel. It is utilized in several applications such as temporary or permanent structures.

7.Timber beam:

It is manufactured from timber. It is used to be a workout in the past but nowadays the application of timber beam is neglected as compared to a previous time.

8.Straight beam:

A beam having or containing straight profile and popularity of beams in any structures are straight beams.

9.Composite beam:

Composite beams are manufactured from two or more different types of materials such as steel and concrete, and different simple cross-sections have been used.

10.Rectangular beam:

rectangular beam

This type of beam is commonly utilized in the construction of reinforced concrete buildings or in another such type of structure.

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